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If everything is failing around you, there is no need to let it out on other people. If you treat people with respect and state your point calmly, you are more likely to get somewhere.

My email to STM

I have purchased a 15″ evolution at the beginning of the year. I returned my bag to the store that I purchased it from “Mountain Design” after the stitching and small holes started to develop. After 3 weeks without a protective transport my new macbook started to get damaged and as a result I found myself carrying it in my hands everywhere I go in a attempt to reduce the damage.
I just picked up the new bag STM sent to Mountain Design and when I got home I found that my 15″ evolution bag has been downgraded to a 13″ evolution bag.
Can you please give me some sort of guidance as I still believe in the STM brand.

This was relpied with

Thank you for your email, and I’m sorry to hear it was such a drawn out process having your faulty item replaced!
It’s possible that the wrong size replacement was sent to Hobart, and passed on to you. The faulty bag has since been destroyed and I fear the paperwork was destroyed along with it. I sincerely apologise on behalf of STM if it was our fault that the wrong item was sent.

The fastest option to resolve this, would be for you to return the 13″ evolution to our office, as soon as it has been received I can send you the correct one, and as a token of our goodwill I will also send you either a neoprene glove for your laptop, or a set of cable cases, or a Screensavr.

Do I hear free gifts? I think I do!! So I followed up with another email.

Thank you for your prompt email,
You have restored my faith in STM
I will return the bag to Mountain Design today in the hope for a quick postage on their behalf,
I realise most of the fuss is human error, but for me as a consumer it can be a bit frustrating and being a student moving between classes gets a bit challenging without a protective laptop bag.
And the prompt reply..

thanks for your nice email 🙂
I can understand your frustrations about carrying your laptop to your classes, we’ll get the right bag to you asap so your MacBook will be safe.
I’ll be in touch soon.

So for all the peole in the world abusing operators on the other end, you will only send them offside. Just think if you were abused everyday via email and on the phone, would you personaly follow up the customers requests? By being nice and understanding you are more likely to get better service and be more satisfied with the final result.

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A FAIL of a day

My day was a bit of a fail, it started out with forgetting Elphaba. Now who in their right mind forgets to bring his girlfriend!!.

Ok, the rest of the day went slow and a few naps later it was time to come home, walking through town I decided to return some goods and pickup my NEW SDM bag. For a fillin story my old STM bag was deamed faulty due to the stiching and tears in the fabric appearing. But anyway I picked up my new bag and gave my retal bag that Mountan Design kindly lent to me back, coming home I grabed Elphaba and … well she didn’t fit!! Ok I though maybe there’s too much stuff in the front pocket, so on starting to reduce my electrical goods in the front pocket I come accross the tag that I removed before leaving the shop. And here comes the FAIL part, Elphaba is a 15ich’s and the bag was only a 13ich.. Now anyone in their right mind would be p**sd off at this stage, I have waited over 2 weeks without a proper bag and Elphaba has been suffering because of it. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks of damages to my lovely Elphaba, I purchased a STM bag for several reasons. 1. They are Australian, 2. Everyone I know has one and recomend them. Anyway need to study for the upcomign test tomorrow.

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