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Open day

Being my fist LCA this was my fist open day, I was wanting to go the the last one but spent most of my time rebuilding a server for TUCS. It was like a Salamanca market for geeks, and most of the wares were free (since this was a open source community). I found a few neat thinks like the racing car that ran only on batteries. And picked up my geek prayer book. After the open day I walked down to the museum, besides being a museum there were a few hands on activities that made things fun as you walked through. The day ended with a bunch of us in the common room eating pizza and working on our individual projects, a good end to the week in NZ.

Conference Day 3

The lack of sleep is starting to take hold, too many late nights staying up late and socilising in the awsome uni common room. We had the penguin dinner where more socialising happened, my one complaint was food << alcohol. I didn't care much for the preformers either, it was a big dissapointment since the rest of the week went so well. Pictures below, chip stand "free chips!", epic beer and the uni common room.

Conference Day 2

Ok, today’s recommendations are “The Elephant in the Room: Microsoft and Free Software” and “Tux on the Moon: FOSS hardware and software in space”. Both were interesting talks, especially the second one. A sort like competition to send a rocket into space (WhiteLabelSpace), but you should check out the progress of the Lunar Numbat!

For dinner I ordered Venison on a Stone, as you can see from the pics below the meat turned up raw. Thats ok, I can cook it on the hot rock they gave me as well!! Fancy that.

(ps if you don’t get the joke from the first pic please go here..) 404 Meal not found.. 🙂

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