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A FAIL of a day

My day was a bit of a fail, it started out with forgetting Elphaba. Now who in their right mind forgets to bring his girlfriend!!.

Ok, the rest of the day went slow and a few naps later it was time to come home, walking through town I decided to return some goods and pickup my NEW SDM bag. For a fillin story my old STM bag was deamed faulty due to the stiching and tears in the fabric appearing. But anyway I picked up my new bag and gave my retal bag that Mountan Design kindly lent to me back, coming home I grabed Elphaba and … well she didn’t fit!! Ok I though maybe there’s too much stuff in the front pocket, so on starting to reduce my electrical goods in the front pocket I come accross the tag that I removed before leaving the shop. And here comes the FAIL part, Elphaba is a 15ich’s and the bag was only a 13ich.. Now anyone in their right mind would be p**sd off at this stage, I have waited over 2 weeks without a proper bag and Elphaba has been suffering because of it. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks of damages to my lovely Elphaba, I purchased a STM bag for several reasons. 1. They are Australian, 2. Everyone I know has one and recomend them. Anyway need to study for the upcomign test tomorrow.

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