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My house

Im in the process of making a sensor node to dot around the house.
It has been coming along but very slowly, the first revision on the board was a HUGE failure! Well ok not huge, the ATMEGA chip on the board worked and was programed but I made a bit of a mistake by putting a positive rail underneath the radio and Temp Humid chips 🙁
It was my first time making a PCB and using SMD components (Hand soldered), I was properly setting my self up for failure for the first design. Im thinking of trying solder paste for the next one.

So after spending a few weeks debugging the electronics a idea came to me, why not build a housing for my final product! The design was easy, I floated the idea around with a few friend and refined the design using google sketch up (which is awesome for beginners and FREE).
The images below are the second revision of the housing, a few things to point out

  • There is room for a Lithium Ion Battery at the bottom
  • The sensor board when I get it made will sit on top (above the battery)
  • The grill on the back I’m hoping will be sufficient as a heat grill for the Temp/Humid Sensor inside
  • And the finishing touches – Solar panels on the roof!

So thats my house, please leave comments below and I might post some more when the new boards come in!

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  1. Josh Says:

    Nice house you have there…

    Seriously though, that’s pretty cool. Can hardly wait for a follow-up!

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