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The big bike trip – Day 2

On the road again…

There were a few good twisties along the way today, making good progress to Melbourne.

Today we have stopped at: Gilgandra
Been passed Gilagndra a few time before, but never stayed the night.

Made a few rest stops along the way, mostly to keep my sanity and rest is good when riding a bike.

Bikes at Bingara

I purchased some more sugar today in the hope that I won’t fall asleep. I did get a good night sleep out at Texas though I still found myself wanting to dose. So extra rests stops were required to refuel the human driver.

Charging system on my bike is working well at this stage, Josh is having some issues with his but I think that’s more to do with the bag mount than the system it’s self.

In the attempt to get some rest I will sign off with today’s map for everyone!
day 2 map

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