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This week I spent my time on a old vineyard near Springbrook, the job at hand was to repair as many sensor nodes as we could. The land has been purchased by the Queensland government to be restored, there are a few patches of rain forest and thick bush land that we have to walk through to get to each node. Besides the suiting up to keep the cold/leaches/ticks away walking around this land is just spectacular and has become my favorite work environment. I have posted some images below to give a idea of the beauty of the land.
Besides trying to keep our electronics dry (laptop, sensor boards when cover removed) the rain didn’t bother me at all, it was more refreshing and relaxing, the wind did get annoying though it seems to get through any amount of cloathing one would put on.
Map of the network is below the images. 🙂

Map with sensor nodes dotted around

What am I doing?

Sitting in front of my computer in Sydney Hotel paid by CSIRO.

Yes im at the ICTC Conference, brain is too active to go to sleep, foreign bed is hard, at least they have my pillow preference right this time.

WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT, im still in front of a computer typing a blog entry at 23:30 in Sydney.

I need some changes, straighten some priorities out there somewhere. My life seems to orientated around sitting, and sitting in front of a computer screen never less.

I cant even stay still to start learning and program some iPhone apps that I would like to make, keep twitching and moving about reach for reinforcements (Epic quantities of sugar) and find the day’s rolling by with nothing really substantial achieved.

The only thing that makes this all tolerable is Apple Technologies, even if the iPhone is not CSIRO approved.. (lol)

So can anyone provide some direction? I’m floating in some sort of cyber space here? Not really knowing what I will be doing from day to day.. I think I need to get out more. Ohh, soo need to go on a bush walk somewhere, fresh air, exercise, Tas bush land. Or a few days on the ski slopes, but I think I have missed that for this year.

I think I will end my thesis here and find something else to do, umm sleep?

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