Yay I have a iPhone…

But I had to send it back 🙁

After owning a brand new iPhone 3Gs for 5 Weeks it burnt up in a BIG Fire Ball, all I did was plug it in!

Any way after having withdrawal symptoms and dusting my laptop of, I have started to get the computing Societies Server back in shape.

The new UPS and backup hard drive upgrade went flawlessly, it was like I was running it on a Mac! The plug in make go go process was a bit to easy. As the current server hasn’t any Sata Ports, we dropped in a PCI card and hooked up a mirrored pair to the machine. No Bios Alterations needed!

More monitoring systems were also installed and security tightened, Yes Don’t get your password wrong now!! (Bans have been added for users who try to guess a password, IP bans for username guessing and instant bans for those who have nothing better to do like guessing root passwords).

The old backup drives have been reused by expanding the users drives, more members = we need more space..

There is allot more cleaning to be done, but it’s coming along nicely now.