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The big bike trip – Day 7

So the working week is over, time to have some fun and get back on the road.
After a week of coughing and doing myself a injury I really wanted to get back on the road.

Today we rode down to Gordon Dam, it’s a nice road and the scenery was amazing.

After loosing Josh at a roundabout on the way back we managed to regroup and head on home.

Thanks Max for taking us on this magnificent ride!

Bike trip dam wall
Bike trip dam wall

The ride took it out of us so we borrowed a car and headed down to Hounville to visit some friends for a night activity.

Bike trip Strathgordon day trip

The big bike trip – Day 6

We had a leasurly ride from Devonport to Hobart today.
Had breakfast in one of the local cafes, filled up and set off.
We didn’t get far until we needed to refill our fuel bottles to support the warmers and stove that we both use (bottles had to be emptied to go on the ferry).

With extra layers on and warmers burning we set off again.
Weather was kind to us and we arrived very exhausted but happy from the days ride.

Over the next week we will both be working from Tas to make up the extra trip time we have losses due the ferry not having space to take us sooner.
Bike trip map Devonport to Hobart

The big bike trip – Day 5

Today was a lazy start, we had plenty of time to do what ever we please. So after packing up grabbing some breakfast at the local bakery then headed for some twisties.
Bike trip Camping Nagambie
Josh then navigated us around Melbourne to the Oasis Bakery. Grabbed a bite to eat so we don’t have to consume the boat food, it was rather good and I would like to go back.

To kill some time we perused the store that is part of the Oasis Bakery, coming out with a handful of stuff that ended in some expletives when trying to pack it all on the bike.

So we are now on the boat!
Bike is tucked in for the night, and the journey to Tas begins!!
Bike trip spirit of tas


Day 5 map

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