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The big bike trip – Day 11

After looking at the weather report and friends posting images of snow on the mountain we placed enough clothes on to ensure our warmth during the day.
Shortly after setting off, we find snow on the side of the road!

This made our day a bit slow going as we didn’t want to run into any black ice along the way.

We were originally going to head for the top North West of Tas, somewhere like Smithton, this was revised to a Corrina due to us running out of daylight. This we knew was going to be ambiguous givin the road we choose was unsealed. After hitting the unsealed part of the road and hanging on for dear life as we tried to keep the bikes upright, it was described that we should turn back and head for a town called Tullah.

We stayed the night here, there was very little reception and what you could get was hopping on one leg in a circle to get one bar on the Telstra edge network.

Images of the Reece Dam
Reece DamReece Dam

Bike trip day 11

The big bike trip – Day 10

As you may see day 9 is missing, this was mostly taken up with repackaging and me going to see a specialist about the pain in my chest.
Good news I’m not going to die just yet!

So everything is packed and we are ready to set off and..
My bike wouldn’t start 🙁
Turns out that you can run the bike battery flat by leaving the accessories one for two days, total oversight on my behalf.
So got the bike jump started and headed down the road to Sullivan’s Cove Whiskey join. Spent some time here tasting their produce partook in a tour while praying that the weather would ease off.

We then took off to Derwent Bridge, it was late when we arrived, cold and starving we decided to get a room at the pub for the night to allow us to dry out our gear and have a good nights rest.

Derwent Bridge

The big bike trip – Day 8

Today after struggling to get up (late night) we moseyed down to the tahune Airwalk, it’s a beautiful spot with a few walks around the area. The key attraction is the canter lever platform overlooking the vast forest of trees.

Below is a model of the platform..
Tahune Airwalk Model Bridge

The walk around was absolutely stunning, as we were in a car today there is no GPS data avaliable. I will however leave you with some of the images that I like.

Southwest National Park



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