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Miniconf Day 2

Nothing speial happens today, I spent most of the time in the systrem administators mini confrance. There were a few good talks but most of them I wouldn’t have added to the program. I suppose I was expecting a more in depth talk about the dos and donts of system administration. It was a long day, towards the end I nearly fell asleap on the job. So I went back to the hotel and fell asleep, after collecting food from a supermarket like place. I purchased some “drinks” when I was there and a while later was about to open one, and found the lid would not screw off. Just my luck I purchased a drink without a bottle opener!! Where did my multitool go? Ohh that’s right I left in Hobart. Well the main confrance starts tommorow, I hope I can find some good talks to goto.

Images, bacon wrapped in a pancake smothered in maple syrup with lemon juice in the side.
RepRap machine (free rapid prototyping machine)

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