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Flight to NZ

I had a lazy start to the day waiting for the right time to start my journy to the airport. After running around trying to find my apple headset I have come to the conclusion that I have left it on my desk at work (bugger no the end of the world though).
The flight from Hobart to Melboure was delayed so I was pushing it to get to the next gate. If I calculated in baggage time I could have had a quick coffee in hindsight.
International flight to NZ (Welington) was good, don’t care much for sitting in the same spot for hours on end by I got over that until my lappy battery went flat. Small sacrifice to make for some intertainment. I was assigned a block of three seats to myself but was sourunded by young children, they were quite behaved for most parts, it was the acent and decent was the worse with them screaming out with ear pearsing aggony.
Had a look around the place meet up with a few folk going to the same confrance as me, found somewhere to eat and now I’m pretty much had it. I think this calls for a early night.

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