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First full day in NZ

How hard is it to wake up at 7am in NZ? Well that’s 5am in AUS, and I was up at 4am to catch a flight.
Well that was impossible!! At 9am finaly crawled out of bed and grabbed some food at the corner shop on the way to the confrance center. Turned up at 9:30 and found a very organised crew, each room has a webcam like setup. So if you want to tune in, some of the presentations will be streamed live to the interwebs. Think I’m getting use to this funny money, it looks so strange in the till, like aus notes but realy faded.. Once again I found my in the world, up the back in the dark. But this time in front of a audio desk, kinda a change from the lighting desk I’m use to. Meah I still get to play around with sliders to keep me intertained. Weather in Welington is a bit fail at the moment seems to be drissiling alot, so as a result I’m getting realy good use out of my new rain coat (and loving it) doesn’t seem to take to long to dry, shake and da da!! Anyway day 1 in NZ not to shabby..

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