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Miniconfs, Day 1

I have spent most of the time attending the Arduino crowd today, the opening keynote while entertaining at the start it finished with a technical glitch that put a downer on the rest of it (Welcome to Wellington). Anyway the rest of the day seem to pan out really well, if you like to tune in check out the program and stream it live!!

Anyway I have lots of Arduino gear now, ready to do my bidding!! Well once I get time to program and problem solve everything. :/

Loving NZ I think getting lost alone has lead me on long walks and interesting places, I will have to come back to some of them just to take a few pics, before signing off I must point out the bus system down here (see pic) it’s like trams but no lines.. SO AWSOME..

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  1. Anthony Says:

    Luke, Get more pics of the buss. Please 🙂

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