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Binky Pointer Fun

Wow, the luck. I never fully understood pointers in C, well not until today when I found a neat guide. By adding my new knowledge to my program and poof, IT WORKS. I cant stop thinking back to that video Julian showed us in lectures (Binky Pointer Fun!). Well that helped NOT, more of a distraction than anything, look now I had to go and find the link.. Grrr.. Anyways back to programming…

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The First Post

Well, after a long day at CSIRO. And spending all the easter break creating a script so other users can create their own WordPress blogs on our student server owned by the Tasmanian University Computing Society (TUCS), I though I should at least try out my handy work, and start a blog. Well here is mine well the start at least so stay tuned to for more about the workings of Luke.

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